Kraft will pay for a babysitter so moms can enjoy a night off for Mother’s Day

Attention moms: Kraft wants you to take a break this Mother’s Day by paying for a babysitter.

The food brand, famous for its boxed mac and cheese, announced a new “Mother’s Day Away” promo to give mothers help to take a much needed break.

Kraft shared a special note to all mothers on their promotional website.

“Mom, This year we got you nothing. No meltdowns, no diaper changes, no trying to go to the bathroom with kids pounding on the door,” the note read. “Just get yourself a babysitter. We’ll cover the bill.”

The brand said it will cover up to $100 of a babysitter bill.

After mothers enjoy a day of “me-time and uninterrupted conversation,” they can go back to this site to upload the receipt for the babysitter and Kraft will pay them back.

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