Kristin Cavallari Shares Video of Her Children Excitedly Waiting for Their Baby Chicks to Hatch

Kristin Cavallari is introducing the newest members of her family.

On Tuesday, the Very Cavallari star, 32, posted several videos to her Instagram Stories in which she showed off a baby chick and the rest of the eggs waiting to hatch in an incubator.

Besides the first tiny bird, Cavallari also captured her three children — Camden Jack, 6, Jaxon Wyatt, 4, and Saylor James, 3 — anxiously awaiting the rest of the hatchings and playing with the new baby chick.

“We’ve been hatching our own eggs, and we have our first little baby chick,” the mom-of-three said in the first video. “He just got out of his egg, his shell! Oh my gosh, the rest of them are gonna probably hatch in the next couple of days.”

In a separate video, captioned with “Sweet baby” in white writing, Cavallari exclaimed, “Look how cute he is!” before clarifying her comment. “Well, girl. Hopefully, it’s a girl.”

But her wish was not unanimous, as one of her kids responded back, “I hope it’s a boy!”

Another video taken by Cavallari showed off several eggs in the incubator waiting to hatch.

As the family talked about the eggs in the recording, her husband Jay Cutler explained that two of them looked ready to hatch based upon a “little black tip” that was chipped off of their edges. “More coming!” was written over the shot.

She also shared several sweet shots of the baby chicks in their new heated cage, as well as her children reaching into the enclosure to pet and admire them. One image was captioned with “new home for the little one,” while another read, “home sweet home.”

In addition to her Instagram Stories, Cavallari also posted a photo of herself smiling while holding a baby chick in her hands.

“The newest little member of our crew. We hatched our own chickens!” she wrote alongside the shot.

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It’s no secret that Cavallari is quite the animal lover. Besides her chickens, the reality star and her husband also own a dog, two goats, and even a llama.

The llama was a recent surprise for Cutler, 35, which Cavallari welcomed to their Nashville home during a preview for season 2 of Very Cavallari without telling NFL alum about beforehand.

Towards the end of October, Cavallari openly expressed her desire to own the large, furry animal. “I need one,” she captioned a photo of herself standing beside a llama.

As for the couple’s goats, Cavallari shared a photo in June of herself kissing the family’s “newest babe” — her black goat, Pepper. They also own a white goat named Salt, which the reality star showed off in a photo in July.

But her love for animals hasn’t always been taken in a positive manner.

Back in May, the star posted a photo of herself holding a young chicken in her arms while she smiled at the camera. The caption that accompanied the image read: “Pet today, dinner tomorrow. Kidding. Kind of.”

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While some of Cavallari’s followers applauded her choice to raise her own food, many other commenters were angry with the playful tone of the post.

“Animals belong in our hearts, not our stomachs. Bet that chicken has a family too. Why can’t we think of them as someone, not something. You don’t need meat to survive folks,” read one comment.

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She later made light of the backlash by posting a photo of herself holding her squirming pet goat. “The vegans will say she’s trying to get away because of my chicken comment ?” she joked.

Over the summer, she spoke with PEOPLE after the couple listed their nearly 20,000-sq.-ft. Nashville home — which has been featured on Very Cavallari — for $7.9 million, according to, about having more space for pets at their new pad.

“We’re moving to a new house. We’re moving to a lot more land and we’ll have chickens and goats and animals and we’re so excited!” The Hills alum shared.

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