Kyle Richard Shades Lisa Vanderpump As ‘RHOBH’ Leaves For Trip To France Without Her

Why isn’t Lisa Vanderpump with the ‘RHOBH’ ladies, you ask? Kyle Richards advises you to hit up Lisa for the answer! Check out Kyle’s sassy Instagram comment!

It’s getting a little shady in France! Kyle Richards didn’t exactly play coy when a fan asked her on Instagram why Lisa Vanderpump didn’t go on vacation with the rest of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast. Kyle’s answer to the million dollar question? “Ask her,” followed by the shrug emoji. Ouch! As HollywoodLife told you EXCLUSIVELY, Lisa was asked to go on the France trip by RHOBH producers, but refused! “Lisa Vanderpump isn’t going. With the way that she’s acting, production is fed up. All the other ladies are going. Camille [Grammer] just got back from her honeymoon so she’s not attending.”

There’s a myriad of reasons why there’s drama involving Lisa right now. The loss of her brother pushed back filming this season because Lisa, understandably, wasn’t emotionally ready to get in front of the camera yet. However, the rest of the ladies argued that this is a reality show; they’ve pushed through their personal problems to film before.

Lisa’s also considering leaving the show, another source told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY!  “Lisa really wants to leave the show, she has it on her mind at all times because she feels bullied by the other ladies and it really is getting her upset. Lisa is most upset over Kyle not being on her side because they have both been through a lot with each other. That might be the straw that breaks everything. Lisa is just sick of all the drama and by not engaging with the women it has helped a little. Its a complete mess right now.”

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We actually spoke to Kyle EXCLUSIVELY, and she told us that she actually doesn’t know if Lisa’s leaving yet. But, she really wants her to stay! “All I know is we’ve all wanted her to be there and invited her to everything that we do and included her in things. It’s her choice right now,” Kyle said. “I love Lisa! Just because we argue sometimes and disagree on some things, I consider her a very close friend of mine and I always wanted to do the show with her and I look forward to when things hopefully turn around again.”

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