‘Legend of Vox Machina’ Season 2 Trailer: Critical Role’s Chroma Conclave Comes to Life

“The Legend of Vox Machina” Season 2 is putting a major emphasis on the “dragons” of Dungeons and Dragons.

The Prime Video series dropped an action-packed official trailer for Season 2, which begins rolling out on the streamer on Jan. 20. Like the first season, the follow-up will release three episodes per week, culminating in 12 episodes total.

Season 2 will follow the Chroma Conclave campaign from Critical Role’s popular Dungeons and Dragons web series. The heroes of Vox Machina will have to face a powerful group of dragons called the Chroma Conclave before they destroy the world of Exandria. And these aren’t your typical fire-breathing dragons — they spew ice and acid and have nearly impenetrable armor. To defeat these beasts, the Vox Machina heroes must find rare weapons powerful enough to kill gods. Or, as Grog the goliath suggests, they could just “fuck shit up.”

“The Legend of Vox Machina” stars Critical Role founders and cast members Taliesin Jaffe (Percival “Percy” de Rolo), Ashley Johnson (Pike Trickfoot), Travis Willingham (Grog Strongjaw), Sam Riegel (Scanlan Shorthalt), Marisha Ray (Keyleth), Liam O’Brien (Vax’ildan), Laura Bailey (Vex’ahlia) and Dungeon Master extraordinaire Matt Mercer.

As Variety exclusively reported last week, Season 2 will include guest stars like Henry Winkler, Lance Reddick, Cheech Marin, Will Friedle (“Boy Meets World”), Billy Boyd (“The Lord of the Rings”), Cree Summer (“Rugrats,” “The Patrick Star Show”), Alanna Ubach (“Euphoria”), Mary Elizabeth McGlynn (“Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence”), Troy Baker (“The Last of Us”), Sendhil Ramamurthy (“Heroes”) and Ralph Ineson (“The Witch”).

Watch the trailer below.


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