LG Wants A Smartphone With 16 Cameras, Do You? [Opinion]

How many cameras does your smartphone have? If you have an iPhone X or later, that camera on the front only counts as one, despite the fact that it has multiple features. All of the new iPhones save for the iPhone XR have two on the rear, bringing it to a total of three. When it comes to the number of cameras on a smartphone, iPhone is a lightweight.

LG is no stranger to smartphones with more cameras than you could shake a selfie-stick at. The LG V40 ThinQ has 5. Even that is not the most a smartphone can boast. But LG will not be outdone. They are bound and determined to be #1 at something. So they are noodling the concept of a smartphone with as many as 16 cameras. That ought to do it. Engadget says, “LG imagines a smartphone with no less than 16 camera lenses.”

“If the five cameras on LG’s V40 ThinQ seemed like a lot to you, how about 16? The Korean company may be working on a smartphone camera with that many lenses, according to a recently filed patent seen by LetsGoDigital. Arranged in a 4×4 matrix, it’s designed to capture a scene from multiple perspectives in a single shot. That will allow you to shoot 3D movies and manipulate shots by, say, moving someone’s head around or replacing it completely.”

Once we get to 16 cameras, we have to ask what we’re even doing at that point. How good does your Instagram snapshot need to be? Twenty years from now when you are appreciating that baby picture, you will not be judging it based on the capture quality possible at that time. You will not be scoring it on its technical merits. That is not what will bring tears to your eyes.

For proof, just dig up some old pictures of your grandparents. Some of them may be grainy black and whites. You don’t care. Nor are you sitting around wishing a better camera was used. You get teary-eyed over the memories it evokes, not the megapixel count.

Just as a reminder, the Google Pixel 3 is the reigning champion of smartphones. The Pixel stole the crown from iPhone two years ago. It was disputed at the time. But now, even iPhone enthusiasts have come around to acknowledging its superiority. It has one camera on the front and one on the back. More cameras don’t make for better pictures.

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