‘Lifting’ blusher tip for mature skin to avoid ‘enhancing texture’

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Using makeup to enhance your natural bone structure is an easy way to “fake” a facelift and wearing blusher is just one way to achieve it. But while the well-known hack that suggests placing it on the high points of your cheekbones may work for youthful skin, a makeup artist has warned against trying it on mature complexions. In a recent video on her TikTok profile (@maturemakeupmasterclass), Michelle Spieler shared a unique tip to help those with fine lines pull off the “lifted” blusher look without enhancing their skin’s texture.

Michelle explained that while “it’s true” that placing blusher higher on your cheeks rather than on the apples of them “really does lift your face”, it can be a problem for those aged 45 or even 50.

She said: “We’re crinkly! So if you put a powder blush up by where you’re crinkly, it can enhance the texture.” While the amount of product you use can highlight crows-feet around the eyes, Michelle noted that the type of cosmetics you use can also make a difference.

The professional makeup artist explained that cream blush can be just as bad as powder products for mature skin. To overcome this, she recommended using a powder blush that’s “kind of sheer” to avoid a cakey finish.

After dusting it onto her cheeks with a fluffy brush, she suggested setting the product by spritzing her face with a liquid spray.

Michelle said: “I mist over it and then let it dry. And suddenly that powder becomes your skin.”

In the video, the makeup expert demonstrated the hack using a face spray by Mario Badescu and the Nectar blush by Beautycorner, though she explained that there are a few other dupes you can try instead.

These include the Beautycounter Brightening Mist or “good old” Evian mist. The popular TikTok user said: “I only use skincare mists, never makeup ‘setting’ spray.”

In the comments, the professional makeup artist revealed that rose water is a personal favourite of hers, which is why she often uses the Mario Badescu Rose Aloe spray as her go-to product for the hack.

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When it comes to choosing the perfect blush shade, there is an easy way to determine what will look best on your skin.

According to an expert at the skincare makeup brand Jane Iredale, those with fair or lighter skin should opt for soft pink, light coral and peach-toned products.

They said: “For ladies with light skin tones and cool or pink undertones, you should wear the soft pink shades for a natural look and the peach or coral shades for a pop of colour.

“If you have a light skin tone and warm or golden undertones, try wearing the peachy coral shades for a natural look and the soft pink blushes for that pop of colour.”

For those with medium skin tones, they recommended using rich pink, warm mauve and deep peach shades.

The rich, mauve colours are best suited for a natural look on those with cooler undertones while the deep peach works for a pop of colour. They can be worn in reverse if you have warmer undertones on your skin.

Dark complexions “look wonderful” in deep Fuschia, berry, warm brown, raisin and tangerine shades, according to the Jane Iredale experts.

They suggested the darker berry shades for a natural rouge on cool or pink undertones and tangerine hues for a more obvious blush. Again, these can be worn for the opposite effect on warm-tone skin types.

In the comments, fellow TikTok users shared other struggles of applying makeup to mature skin.

One person wrote: “My problem isn’t crows feet, it’s brown spots and patches.” The beauty expert replied with a suggestion to use a vitamin C serum on her face to combat signs of ageing.

Another tip from Michelle was to ditch a full face of the foundation and use an alternative method for light base coverage.

She explained that using it “all over” the face “ages” her skin, adding that she only places it in certain areas to avoid enhancing crinkles on her forehead and eye area.

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