LOL! Seth Meyers Went Day Drinking With Ina Garten and Made Her a Cake

Seth Meyers and Ina Garten are the drinking buddies we didn’t know we needed! The pair recently filmed an edition of the “Day Drinking” segment from Late Night With Seth Meyers, and it’s safe to say that things went hilariously downhill pretty quickly.

Meyers, 45, and Garten, 71, met up at New York City’s Corner Bistro for, as the late-night host put it, “a refined afternoon of good conversation and some libations.” He then dove into a Pimm’s cup and drank nearly half of the cocktail, while the cookbook author took a much more reasonable sip of her drink.

In keeping with the drinking theme, the duo headed behind the bar and competed to whip up their own versions of a variety of alcoholic beverages from Garten’s array of cookbooks. While the Barefoot Contessa host brought her own measuring cup with her in order to carefully measure out the proportions of each drink, Meyers’ relaxed approach to cocktail making involved “eyeballing” ingredients and only vaguely following each recipe while drinking copiously along the way.

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    “I’m scared,” Garten admitted with a laugh before taking a sip of the Saturday Night Live alum’s’ Mai Tai.

    Though the Food Network star joked Meyers’ drink was “delicious,” he knew better, quipping, “You know you have a face you make that’s a liar’s face?”

    After getting sufficiently tipsy, the pair sat down for some food and a game, which involved Meyers dipping fries into two nearly identical condiments and attempting to discern which one was Garten’s own recipe, and which one came from a fast-food chain. Even in his inebriated state, Meyers was surprisingly accurate.

    “That tastes like a million McNuggets I’ve had in my life,” the Emmy winner said as he dunked a few fries into one dish of barbecue sauce. “And the other one is OK,” he joked, knowing he was referencing Garten’s version.

    After Meyers challenged Garten to match stars’ bare feet to their bodies (she is the Barefoot Contessa after all!) and quizzed her on celebrity chefs’ sayings, the increasingly drunk comedian had one last big reveal for his dining companion. “I know that tomorrow is your birthday, and so I actually prepared something special for you, and I’m going to be right back to surprise you.”

    Though Garten, who turned another year older on February 2, admitted to being nervous about her surprise, she laughed once the New Year’s Eve actor re-emerged with a lopsided, three-tiered cake in hand. “I used your recipe and made you a hot pink butter cake, and now I’m going to put the icing on,” he said.

    While Meyers had more than a little difficulty decorating and writing on the celebratory confection, Garten was still moved by the gesture. “I love my cake. Thank you so much,” she said. “The best birthday ever!”

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