London Halloween events 2021: Haunting hotels and eerie escape rooms

It’s going to be horrible out there this week… as well it should it, being Halloween and all!

We have a sleepless night in a horror hotel to look forward to in between trying to escape from a Hospital of Horror in virtual reality and the safehouse of a Satanic cult (thankfully with cocktails at the end of it) while saving some space for free beer amidst an alien invasion!

Luckily, there are also some great Halloween parties where we can just dress up and guzzle down to calm our nerves.

Strange Brew

Don’t you just hate it when a quiet pint is interrupted by a full-scale alien invasion? Does our heads in, it does.

And that’s what we’re bracing ourselves for at Beavertown Corner Pin, the home pub of Beavertown Brewery, where we’re probably going to get roped into navigating our way through an alien-ridden UFO crash site – as if we weren’t busy enough! – and make peace with the invaders.

It’s all part of a free – hooray! – immersive experience hosted with Swamp Motel where you get to liven up your drinking with extra-terrestrial shenanigans… and two free pints of Beavertown to get things underway. And yes, of course you should dress up, though it’s not compulsory.

Friday, Beavertown Corner Pin, 732 High Road, N17

Favourite haunt

Not looking for a good night’s kip? Then check into the Dread & Breakfast, the only hotel that can guarantee a night of fully interrupted sleep – thanks to ghosts, ghoulies and things that go bump in the night.

Expect crank phone calls, banging on the walls, screams to make the hairs on the back of your neck stand to attention and uninvited visitors sneaking into your room… And not in a good way!

Brought to you by The Kraken Rum in a creepy abandoned building, you won’t know if you’ve got your reservation until the day, so you’ll need to carry an overnight bag around this weekend. We’ve stayed in worse!

From Thursday to Sunday, 10 Lancaster Gate

Life’s a drag

On paper, there’s nothing scary about drag queens (well, not always), food and drink specials and film screenings but when it’s Hackney Bridge we’re talking about and they are putting a Halloween spin on proceedings, that’s when we start to get nervous.

Pick up some street food – Vietnamese, Indian, pizza – heavy on the pumpkin, wash it down with Zombie Punch, sing along to the drag show in full costume if you can, pick up essentials at the Halloween market and maybe take in a family-friendly Halloween movie while you’re down there.

How handy to have all of these horrible goings-on in one convenient location!

Saturday, Echo Building, E15 

Monster mash

Looking for some credible DJ action to go with the daft outfits and spooky surroundings? How about Fat Tony?

He will be putting the beats into a full-scale party at Percy’s, the new late-night drinking, dining and dancing destination in Kensington, where the decorations will be off the scale so you’d better work out something a bit more imaginative than sexy nurse – though you do look great in that sexy nurse outfit!

Specially created cocktails will be shaken and stirred and the dancing will go on until you’ve worn your Frankenstein shoes right down to the ground.

Saturday, 2a Kensington High Street, W8

Got to brie there

Apple-bobbing to Michael Jackson’s Thriller? We’re in! That’s just one of the delights we can expect as Club de Fromage and Not Another Indie Disco return with Murder On The Dancefloor, a huge two-room extravaganza of nuttiness, naughtiness and booze.

In room one, it’ll be spooky pop along Monster Mash and Ghostbusters lines while in room two, there’ll be indie and rock with Sympathy For The Devil and Zombie both on the playlist.

Add to that games, a meat pie raffle, sing-alongs on screen, hula-hooping and a prize for the best outfit… so make it a good one that you can dance all night in.

Saturday, O2 Academy Islington, 16 Parkfield Street, N1

WIN tickets to the L.O.L. Surprise! LIVE VIP Party

Thought L.O.L dolls were just the latest toy obsession of every child in the country? You’re in for a big surprise, B.B.

The teeny-tiny fashionistas are taking to the stage for a confetti-filled, bass-thumping, dance party extravaganza, and they’re stopping off at Wembley’s SSE Arena next month as part of their UK tour.

Featuring appearances from life-sized holograms (or should we say holo-glams) and LIVE singing and dancing dolly BFFs Lady Diva, Royal Bee, Swag and Neonlicious, this is a sing-and-dance-along-athon that’s fun for the whole family (ok, maybe just for the kids). 

For more details on how to win family tickets to the show on November 23, click here.

Spirit of freedom

What better way to spend your Halloween than battling against the odds – and against an array of supernatural obstacles – to get out of a room?

That’s what’s being offered by The Perfect Crime, the sadists behind sell-out escape room experience Heist, in The Cursed Crime, where vampires and general ghouls will hamper you as you come to grips with the storyline, solve the puzzles and work as a team to get the hell out of… hell!

Luckily there will be cocktails on hand to help calm the nerves as you break into the safehouse of a Satanic cult, crack their safes, crawl through laser matrixes (very advanced, this Satanic cult) and get your team out within the hour. Then party!

Friday & Sunday, Theatre Deli, 2 Finsbury Avenue, EC2

Doggy delight

Seeing as you’re going to be putting your dog into deep lockdown for Guy Fawkes next week, the least you can do is let him/her join in on the Halloween fun this week.

And that’s where Woof & Treat at M, the restaurant in Victoria, comes in, with a brunch designed to bring out the best in both of you all to raise much-needed funds for Dogs For Good.

For you there’s shakshuka, steak and eggs and pancake stacks, for shorty there’s temporary chalk fur colours, Halloween bows and mini grooms… and of course treats.

Add a silent charity auction and a prize for best-dressed dog and it’s looking like you need to get your a-game on for the big day.

Saturday, M, 74 Victoria Street, SW1

Virtual insanity

We’re thinking this year we might take our Halloween experience one dimension further with some spine-tingling, bone-chilling virtual reality at Survive The Night at London’s original – and biggest! – virtual reality arcade, DNR VR… even though we might regret it when we actually get there.

Well, it’s sounding like quite a traumatic night as we will be expected to find our way out of the haunted Hospital of Horror – no, not your local A&E on a Saturday night – or navigate a post-apocalyptic world of zombies… it’s a toss up.

With a fully-stocked bar ready with drinks to calm our nerves, we’re girding our loins as we speak.

Friday, Battersea Power Station, SW11 

Alright, Jack

Murder, mayhem and strong alcoholic beverages, the perfect trio for a Halloween night out on the murderous streets of East London as the Discount Suit Company and London Walks breathe fresh life into their infamous Jack the Ripper Tours of Whitechapel.

Start off with a bracing hot punch and then make your way into the very streets where the Victorian serial killer did his worst, in the company of some world-class Ripper experts to hear all about the murders, the bungled investigation and no doubt some theories as to who the world’s most famous unknown killer could be. Then back to Discount Suit Company for more cocktails!

Discount Suit Company, 29a Wentworth Street, E1 

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