Lovestruck lad gets tattoo of girlfriend’s name on back – after 6 months dating

A lad has hit back at trolls for slurring abuse at him after getting a giant tattoo of his girlfriend's name.

Key Matthews, from Shropshire, has been dating his partner Elisha Christina Nash for only six months before he got the ink.

The 23-year-old spent £110 and sat for two hours to have her name inked in giant black letters onto his back.

And the factory worker claims he has no regrets.

He said: "I'm really happy with it but it will take some getting used to.

"My mum and dad said the obvious reactions like 'no offence but what if you did split up'."

Key added: "My dad has a tattoo of my mum's name and they have been together for 20 years."

The lad shared pictures of his new look online, while the tattoo still appeared to be red and raw.

He claimed he has "quite a big back" so it was better to "go big or go home".

And it seems as though TikTok users weren't so convinced by his ink.

One said: "Unlucky mate," another added: "Let's hope they don't split up."

A third TikTok viewer slammed: "Oh he'll regret that."

However his girlfriend Elisha, 24, is supportive of the tattoo and has even her own of Key's name.

The chef said: "I wasn't allowed in with him when he had it done.

"I knew it was going to be big but seeing it swollen fresh out of the studio was a shock and mine isn't even half the size of that.

"I don't think it's strengthened our relationship. We're a strong couple regardless. We have similar interests and like our tattoos."

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She said the online criticism doesn't faze the couple at all.

Elisha added: "We have had some previous videos which reached over a million but this has blown up our phones in 24 hours.

"We expected the backlash. It's known in this day and age that you are always going to get trolls.

"Everyone hides behind a screen and for some reason thinks it's okay to post harsh comments. We don't take it seriously."

Key concluded: "I'm quite a strong character and don't take social media and opinions of others to heart. I just laugh it off."

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Although some TikTok users didn't know what to think, others thought it was a cute idea.

One viewer wrote: "Yeah he's the one sis."

And another posted: "Love it."

If that's a gesture after six months, we wonder what a year will bring for the couple!

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