Maggie Rogers Slammed For ‘Off Key’ Performance Of ‘Light On’ On ‘SNL’ — Tweets

Maggie Rogers was slammed by some Twitter users after her performance on ‘SNL’! Watch her performance of ‘Light On’ here!

Maggie Rogers had her first appearance as a musical guest on Saturday Night Live, and some felt she was a little bit… off-pitch in her rendition of “Light On”. One fan @DougSchouten wrote, “Just a bit flat….. Maggie Rogers. Also, is this Christian music? #snl.” Another fan @MariannoPinto2 felt that she turned her performance around, tweeting, “She did NOT crush it…. she picked it up but had a very shaky start.” @RThomas1 wrote, “Flat as a board.” @GoalieMumm tweeted, “Her singing was unfortunately almost as bad as her style.”

Meanwhile @SolveigMusic came to her defense and argued her monitors were off, writing, “Feeling bad for Maggie Rogers tonight. 1/4 flat on first verse, but fine pitch for the rest of her song. Clearly talented. Cool 90s vibe. Monitors off in the beginning, @nbcsnl ?” Watch her whole performance below! Previously, Paul Simon delivered an interesting performance of “Can’t Run But” when Seth Meyers was hosting the variety show. Instead of using his go-to acoustic guitar, Simon utilized an orchestra instead. The end effect was a powerful performance that was had a real, jazzy feel to it.

And of course, who could forget Kanye West’s controversial appearance on SNL? Before he went on a pro-Trump rant he decided to perform his hit  “I Love It” while dressed up as water bottle.

We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest SNL sketches. In the meantime, check out all of the photos from the 44th season in our gallery above.

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