Magic trick on The One Show goes embarrassingly wrong

‘This is car crash TV!’ Moment Roswell Alien Autopsy director’s attempt to ‘channel the force’ fails miserably on The One Show – much to the amusement of viewers

  • Director Spyros Melaris spoke about the secrets behind the making of his film
  • During the show he asked fellow guest Samantha Womack to help with a trick 
  • Samantha was supposed to channel the ‘alien energy’ from a rock but it failed
  • Melaris looked deflated as he realised the actress had picked the wrong card  

A guest on The One Show who attempted to perform a magic trick in honour of Halloween failed miserably – and was mocked by viewers over the ‘car crash’ moment.

Spyros Melaris, the British director behind the infamous film Roswell Alien Autopsy, appeared on the BBC show to talk about the secrets behind the making of his 1995 film. 

After he revealed how he had masterminded the hoax, in which he pretended to have discovered an extra-terrestrial corpse, he pulled out a piece of rock that he claimed was from the genuine crash site from Roswell, New Mexico.

The filmmaker asked fellow guest Samantha Womack to place the rock on one of three envelopes she felt drawn towards.

Samantha was supposed to select an envelope with a picture of an alien inside but didn’t and realising the trick had failed, Melaris blamed her for picking the ‘wrong’ envelope – much to the amusement of viewers. 

Film director Spyros Melaris enlisted the help of actress Samantha Womack for his ‘trick’ but it went embarrassingly wrong when he said she picked the ‘wrong’ envelope

Viewers watching the awkward moment on The One Show quickly took to social media to mock how embarrassing the fail of the trick was 

One viewer said: ‘Car crash TV on #theoneshow a magic trick fail live on telly #youhadonejob.’

‘Well that magic trick was f****** embarrassing,’ added someone else.

One person tried to explain why the trick went wrong: ‘Lol he cut open the wrong end of the envelope. Clearly had a different thing in each side of all 3 envelopes. He flipped it over when he picked it up and cut open the alien picture side by accident, haha.’

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Enlisting the help of the actress, Melaris asked Samantha to channel the ‘alien force’ which would help her select an envelope from the three he had placed on the table.

The former EastEnders star held the rock in her hand and closed her eyes, with Melaris claiming she should feel it ‘getting warmer, but not too hot’.

‘This is not a magic trick, this is not an illusion, this is something you’re going to say “this one” and I’m not going to say anything other than that. 

‘I don’t want to force you, just follow the alien force, there is something there,’ he said.

After opening her eyes and on instruction from Melaris she then decided to place the rock on the middle envelope. 

Melaris asked Samantha to close her eyes and channel the ‘alien force’ coming from the rock which he claimed was from a genuine crash site in Roswell, New Mexico

Using the energy from the rock the actress then placed it on the envelope she was most drawn towards out of the three he had placed on the table

He opened the first envelope without the rock to show a picture of a pumpkin and things seemed to be going well until he got the second envelope which he cut open with scissors

He opened the envelope and pulled out a picture of an alien, and Melaris realised the trick had gone terribly wrong and Samantha laughed as she asked if she’d failed  

Melaris then opened both envelopes she hadn’t placed the rock on, but when he got to the second he realised she hadn’t quite done what he was hoping for when it was revealed that she hadn’t picked the envelope with an alien inside.

‘Have I done something wrong?’ the actress asked as she pulled out the image of the alien.

‘Oh, oh. Yes. You picked the wrong one… It doesn’t always work,’ the director said looking deflated.

Samantha looked mortified that it hadn’t worked: ‘I feel like I’ve failed!’ 

Melaris shrugged off the fail and then tried to explain what had happened before presenter Alex Jones swiftly moved on: ‘If it was a magic trick it would work every time, but it wasn’t.’

The One Show airs weeknights on BBC One at 7pm

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