Makeup artist shares two places to use eye cream to look younger

Fine lines and wrinkles can occur anywhere on the face though they are particularly common around the eyes and mouth.

Deep vertical lines above the lips, also known as smoker’s lines, are one thing many people find hard to hard to conceal with makeup, as are crow’s feet around the eyes.

But while it may seem like a cocktail of expensive products is needed to effectively reduce these signs of ageing, a beauty expert claimed that one item is enough.

In a video posted on her TikTok profile, @maturmakeupmadesimple, the makeup artist revealed that eye cream is actually multipurpose.

She explained that instead of just using it under the eyes, there are other places that will reap the benefits of the hydrating formula.

The “Makeup Made Simple” expert said: “There are two places on your face where you should be putting your eye cream, and I bet you’re not doing it.”

Her “game-changing tip” for people with mature complexions was to gently tap a thick, hydrating eye cream above the eyelid and the lips.

Demonstrating the beauty hack, she lightly patted the formula on the outer-upper corner of her eyes where there were signs of ageing.

This works on crow’s feet, and creases on the eyelid and brow area too.

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The second place she applied the cream was in the area between her nostrils and upper lip, using a generous amount for the best results.

Explaining the hack, the beauty expert said: “This is a delicate area on your face and yes, you get wrinkles there and lines there. I bet you notice them first, and also on crow’s feet around the eyes.

“So why aren’t you taking advantage of the beautiful skincare that you have and use here?”

While any eye cream that is suitable for sensitive or aged skin would work for this, the TikTok user recommended using pomifera oil.

She added: “I’m not so much concerned about reducing. It’s more slowing it down.”

Several women who had discovered the anti-ageing tip took to the comments to praise the makeup artist.

One person wrote: “I’ve always done the entire under eye including where the crow’s feet area is but I’ll have to start doing it to the upper lip too now.”

Another said: “It makes so much sense.”

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