Man, 22, sets up GoFundMe page for vasectomy after NHS says he’s "too young"

A 22-year-old has slammed the NHS for not giving him a vasectomy and has now set up a fundraising page to fund a private operation.

Connor Andrews said he has been trying to get a vasectomy for the last year but was told on his latest attempt that he was "too young" to make the life changing decision.

He has now set himself a goal of raising £1,100 to afford the operation, reports Kent Live .

Connor, who lives with his fiancée Laura in Canterbury, says he has never wanted children and has "legitimate reasons" why he wants a vasectomy.

He said: "I have legitimate reasons that I feel any reasonable person would understand as the sole reason for getting a vasectomy, let alone as just a supporting argument as to why I want one.

"These real concerns are a family history of Autoimmune and Heart Conditions (I have Sudden Death Syndrome / QTc Prolonged Interval) plus general mental health issues.

"These are real and serious genetic issues that I wouldn't want to pass on to my children."

He claims his doctor laughed at him when he asked he about it.

He said: "The latest attempt was met with a pretty firm no and that 'I’m too young to know that I don’t want children and that I would change my mind when I’m older'.

"He was just like 'absolutely not'. Come back when you’re 30.

"He actually laughed at the idea a surgeon would do this surgery on someone that was 22 years old.

"It was insulting."

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