Maná after receiving Latin Grammy Award: We vow to fight for immigrants, women’s rights

Legendary Mexican rock band Maná vowed to fight for immigrants and women’s rights after being honored at the Latin Grammy Awards in Las Vegas on Thursday night.

Lead vocalist Fher Olvera, drummer Alex González, guitarist Sergio Vallín and bass player Juan Calleros became the first group to receive the Latin Recording Academy’s Person of the Year award and used time during their acceptance speech to promote the message of unity and justice. 

“We will continue fighting for the rights of the immigrants who have made this country great in the last century,” Olvera said, referring to the United States, after he received the award. “They were the difference for this country to be as big as it is. We will fight for Mother Earth, we will fight for women’s rights and we will continue fighting to make songs from the heart and soul.” 

The band’s political statement comes after the first large wave of the migrant caravan — about 400 migrants, mostly from Central America — arrived in Tijuana early Tuesday, reaching their final destination in Mexico amid inflamed tensions on both sides of the California-Mexico border.

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