Mark Zuckerberg Tries & Fails To Act Like A Human In ‘SNL’ Cold Open — Video

Mark Zuckerberg made a hilarious appearance in the cold open for ‘SNL’! Watch it here!

Mark Zuckerberg (portrayed by Alex Moffat) returned to SNL and like usual, struggled to act like a human. Coming on Laura Ingraham‘s show, the Facebook creator placed his arm in the air because when he “practiced earlier, there was a table.” In talking about Facebook’s ties to a firm that attacked George Soros, Mark giggled and admitted that every time he does something bad, he gets paid a lot. Another standout of the sketch was Laura’s “Feel-Facts,” which included so-not-true-factoids like: Santa is Jesus’ dad, and “unless you have five guns, you’re gay.” Jeanine Pirro also hilariously accused Tyler Perry of pretending to be multiple people to vote more than once on Election Day. Watch the segment go down below!

Speaking of amazing cold opens, last week’s opening to Saturday Night Live was not only one for the books, it also bid a very fond farewell to one of Kate McKinnon‘s best characters. While clearing out his desk, Kate’s Jeff Sessions got a little verklempt while mulling over the various objects in his office before putting them in the “box I was born in.” Add Robert De Niro‘s return as Robert Mueller and Kate singing “Someone Like You” about Donald Trump, and you get one of the best cold opens of the season.

Of course, the best cold open of the season was in the season’s premiere. The sketch covered the Brett Kavanaugh hearing and featured none other than Matt Damon as the newly confirmed judge. Hemming and hawing, Damon’s Kavanaugh was sniffling, yelling, and finished the sketch by chugging  a beer. We’ll keep you posted with all of the latest SNL sketches. In the meantime, check out all of the photos from this past season in our gallery above.

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