Marks & Spencer’s new wrap branded ‘abomination’ by outraged chefs

If there’s one thing that people can be particularly precious about, it’s food – and for good reason.

Delicious food can be hard to find as it’s so easy to make a dish that’s lacking in quality, so when you find something that tastes amazing, you’ll probably want to protect it at all costs.

One thing that people are particularly feeling protective of right now, is biryani, and it’s all because of Marks & Spencer.

The retailer has come under fire from Indian chefs for selling a sweet potato biryani wrap as part of their new plant-based vegan range.

The wrap, which costs £2.80 has been criticised for lacking rice, meat and fish as well as being served in a flat bread.

Chef Maunika Gowardhanm, author of Indian Kitchen, shared a snap of the wrap on Twitter , saying: "Thanks but I like my biryani with rice in a bowl not a wrap. Seriously M&S!?"

She added: "Just to put it in perspective, in India firstly there is no such thing as a veg biryani. Most places will serve mutton or chicken or even fish.

"It’s wrong on many levels when people will assume this is what a biryani looks like! Biryani needs rice, isn’t stuffed in bread and doesn’t include lettuce."

More than 300 people liked her tweet, with many taking the time to share their thoughts.

One person replied: "OMG a complete abomination and wrong on every single level. SO tired of all these brands and supermarkets plundering and murdering other people’s cuisines. Genuinely should be illegal."

Another commented: "I’m on hold to the police."

A third added: "Eurgh! What were they thinking?"

Darjeeling Express, a Soho-based Indian restaurant, also shared their disgust about the wrap.

They wrote: "This is wrong at SO many levels – who are you paying to design your wraps @marksandspencer? You seriously need to rethink your ‘exotic’ wrap selection.

"That is not biryani – you do not appropriate names from a cuisine without even bothering to do any research."

However not everyone was opposed to trying the new M&S offering.

A different Twitter user posted: "I tried one, not bad but not enough spice. As a veggie it’s nice to find a sandwich I can buy when in a hurry."

Meanwhile, Chef Vivek Singh, of Cinnamon Club, London, told The Times people accusing M&S of cultural appropriation should "loosen up".

He continued: "People in Britain love biryani as much as most of us from the sub-continent.

"Having cooked professionally for 25 years, I think a vegetarian biryani is just as authentic as anything else."

Responding to the backlash, a spokesperson for Marks & Spencer said: "M&S is famous for its food innovation and our developers use a fusion of different flavours and ingredients to create an exciting range of products to appeal to customers’ tastes."

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