‘Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition’: Is Karl Dargan Cheating On Lil’ Mo?

Yikes! It looks like Karl Dargan may be hiding a secret from his wife, Lil’ Mo, because he was caught calling a mystery woman during the Feb. 7 episode of ‘Marriage Boot Camp’!

The Feb. 7 episode of Marriage Boot Camp: Hip Hop Edition, titled “Mazed and Confused”, was all about the doctors addressing a smoking issue in the house, and Tiffany seeking answers from Fizz and Nia about their previous rumored relationship. But what happened in the last few seconds of this week’s episode blew our minds. After everyone settled down for the night, Karl Dargan went down to the kitchen for a late night bowl of cereal. And since he was alone, he took the opportunity to make what seemed like an important phone call — to a mystery woman! The female was blurred out during his FaceTime call, but what he said wasn’t.

“Are you eating cereal?” the woman could be heard asking Karl before he turned around to make sure no one’s watching. Then she asked, “Are you alone?” And after he said “yeah”, while looking around the room again, he told her, “Tell me you love me.” The woman on the phone then answered him, “I love you.” And he said, “good.” All the while, his wife, Lil’ Mo, was upstairs sleeping in bed. So does Karl have a secret girlfriend? Is he cheating on his wife? Those are questions that we need answers to, but since the episode cut off after Karl walked out of the room, we’ll have to wait until next week to get some answers.

But let us also rewind a bit and talk about how the doctors became frustrated after the house’s smoking issue caused a stressful communication drill to fail. Each couple was asked to guide their partner through a difficult maze, via walkie talkies, but as Dr. V observed the other couples waiting on the sidelines, she noticed they all were passing around what looked like a joint. And she felt they weren’t taking the exercise seriously enough because of it. So they all got yelled at for their behavior.

Furthermore, Tiffany also sought answers from Fizz and Nia, but she just became more frustrated as time went on. She wasn’t happy that Fizz said he felt more comfortable with Nia, even though they both insisted nothing really happened and that the last time they had seen each other was when their infamous photo was taken.

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