Matt Barnes Enjoys Bowling Outing with Twin Sons After Winning Custody Battle Against Ex-Wife

After a major win in the courts last week, Matt Barnes is bonding with his children in the bowling alley.

The retired NBA star, 38, shared videos bowling with his 10-year-old sons, Carter and Isaiah, to his Instagram Stories on Thursday, just days after winning sole legal and physical custody of his kids against his ex-wife, Gloria Govan, on Nov. 8.

“We are bowling with the bros, these guys swear they’re going to beat me,” Barnes said, before documenting parts of the epic match.

Though Barnes and his sons were neck-and-neck for the win, he ultimately outscored them by making two strikes. Since they lost, the twins had to do push-ups.

After bowling, Barnes and his sons were seen hitting up the mini-golf course. Not before long, Barnes turned the camera on himself to talk about a “broken system” — likely a reference to his long custody battle.

“I haven’t even looked at the comments and really seen what’s going on, but we have a broken system and we all know that,” he said.

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Though Barnes doesn’t make it explicitly clear who he is referencing, he said: “It don’t cost $60,000, $50,000, $40,000, $20,000 to raise no children, we all know that. Most of these women are out here buying cars, bags, taking vacations off that child support money.”

“It’s sad that women these days use kids as paychecks,” he continued. “That’s partly our blame because our stupid asses get these women pregnant — but these are children, they’re not paychecks. A lot of these women out there use these kids for paychecks and we coming for y’all asses. I’m speaking from personal experience.”

A rep for Govan did not immediately respond to PEOPLE’s request for comment.

Barnes won his custody battle with Govan just weeks after she was arrested for alleged child endangerment, and he was also granted an 18-month restraining order protecting him against her, TMZ reported.

The judge ordered Govan — who happens to be engaged to Barnes’ ex-teammate, NBA veteran Derek Fisher — to complete 26 sessions of anger management and 10 parenting classes, according to TMZ.

Barnes and Govan had a messy divorce after splitting in 2014 following nearly two years of marriage. They settled their divorce in December 2016, TMZ reported.

However, before her divorce was finalized, Govan began dating Barnes’ ex-teammate Fisher, who was also still legally married at the time in 2015. Govan’s relationship became a point of contention that reportedly drove a wedge between Fisher and Barnes’ friendship.

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Fisher proposed to the former Basketball Wives star in April.

Barnes offered his congratulations in a since-deleted Instagram post, USA Today reported, writing: “I have two beautiful boys from my ex. We are both focusing on co-parenting, and providing the best atmosphere and childhood for them. They love [Fisher], so I love it. Despite not seeing eye to eye initially with Derek, he and I are on the same page and communicate weekly about [my sons]. With that being said, congrats on the engagement!”

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