Meghan Markle Has Reportedly Vowed To Never Speak To Her Father Again, ‘Us Weekly’ Reports

Meghan Markle is done with her father, Thomas Markle. At least that’s according to an article published by Us Weekly, which cites an alleged royal source close to the Duchess of Sussex. The mom-to-be is reportedly fed up with the fact that he’s still talking to the press about the state of their relationship.

“It keeps getting worse and worse, he won’t stop,” the source said. “The best thing he could have done since the day it fell apart would be to go away, and stay silent and he’s done everything but. There is no relationship change. Any other interviews are just an eye roll.”

In Thomas Markle’s recent interview with the Daily Mail, he disclosed that there is a “wall of silence” between him and his daughter. He said that he has now tried to contact Duchess Meghan multiple times to no avail.

“They (Harry and Meghan) have done what they once told me not to do – they are believing everything negative that has been written about me. So I am reaching out to them, once again, to try to correct the lies and get the truth out there,” he added.

Markle went on to say that he’s been advised to stop talking to the press about his very famous daughter but he seems determined to keep on ignoring that advice.

“I’ve been accused of every terrible thing you can think of,” he continued. “In one magazine they had an awful story about Prince Charles right beside one about me. But no one is shunning Prince Charles.”

Markle also sought to debunk the rumor that he faked the heart attack before the royal wedding which prevented him from walking his youngest daughter down the aisle.

According to the Daily Mail, he offered his medical records to prove that he was hospitalized days before Meghan’s nuptials. The British tabloid reports that the records include bills, medications for his condition, and a letter from the hospital that stipulates he was there because of “heart failure.” Markle clarified that he had two heart attacks and that he almost died because of one so severe that it’s called the “widow maker.”

Thomas Markle also debunked the rumor that he didn’t attend Meghan’s first wedding to producer Trevor Engelson in 2011. He also disclosed that couple gave out bags of marijuana to their guests, which may have been a nod to the fact that the ceremony was held in Jamaica.

Markle did not seem too hopeful that he’d ever see his daughter again. When asked about a possible reunion, he shrugged and said maybe.

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