Meghan Markle offered ‘nervous’ Prince Harry ‘silent support’ as he gave UN speech

Prince Harry mentions Archewell foundation during UN speech

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The Duchess of Sussex could be seen clutching her husband’s hand before he made his speech. The speech in New York this afternoon was to commemorate the life of anti-apartheid activist and former President of South Africa, Nelson Mandela on Nelson Mandela International Day. Before and after the speech, Harry, 37, and Meghan could be seen seated next to each other among the other attendees.

Meghan, 40, looked stunning in an all-black outfit today as she beamed at the cameras.

While Meghan smiled and appeared “confident”, body language expert Judi James claimed Harry looked “nervous” before and after the speech.

Judi exclusively told “Harry’s speech might have been delivered with a somber gravitas but his body language before and after suggested high levels of anxiety and nervousness.

“In his seat at the UN his eyes look wide and his gaze is reflective rather than animated, as if he is mulling over his speech in his head.

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“This deadpan, unsmiling facial expression is in direct contrast to his wife Meghan, who sits in upright elegance, looking confident and sociable.”

Meghan appeared to display touching moments of support for her husband at the event today.

According to Judi, the Duchess appeared to be “calming his nerves” with her movements.

She continued: “Her torso is part-turned towards Harry to offer silent support but this supportive and reassuring approach intensifies as she takes his right hand in a clasp with her own, placing it on her lap and holding his arm with her other hand in a gesture that looks aimed at calming nerves and offering loving support.”

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Even during the speech, Meghan appeared to be showing signs of “silent support” from her seat.

Judi added: “When Harry was up giving his speech there were strong signs that Meghan was, quite naturally, offering some silent support and encouragement from her place in the audience.

“Her hand clasp twisted on her lap in a sign of empathetic tension as she watched him deliver his important keynote.”

Meghan stunned royal fans today in a Givenchy three-quarter sleeve black blouse with a matching skirt.

The Duchess paired the look with a sleek ponytail and matching stiletto pumps.

She finished the look with a chic Mulberry handbag.

The Duchess reportedly wore a green version of this look on her first official visit to the Republic of Ireland back in July 2018.

The black blouse had a high neckline.

She paired the look with a patch pocket pencil skirt.

The black Mulberry bag is a Mulberry Zipped Bayswater handbag.

She also accessorised the look with small diamond stud earrings.

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