Michael Angarano can finally talk about the ‘This Is Us’ Nicky secret

Spoiler alert: This story contains many details, including surprise plot twists, from Tuesday’s mid-season finale of NBC’s “This Is Us.”

Michael Angarano had to sit on a big secret as NBC’s “This Is Us” played out the first half of its season this fall: His character, Jack Pearson’s younger brother Nicky, long presumed dead, is actually alive.

“I was very cautious” in talking about Nicky’s status, the actor tells USA TODAY. “This round of interviews I’m doing right now is the first time I’m able to speak about the initial phone call” when a producer divulged the character twist to him.

Angarano says he had to be careful when talking about Nicky before Tuesday’s episode, which revealed he is still alive and living just three hours from the Pearson home base of Pittsburgh. Viewers, taking cues from the show’s presentation and Jack’s children, have been led to believe Nicky died during the Vietnam war, but it’s never been stated in black and white and it isn’t clear what Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) knew of his brother’s status.

Angarano, who plays Nicky as a young adult, says he’s known from the beginning that the character is not dead. He wasn’t surprised by the surprise, a common occurrence on the critically acclaimed third-season drama.

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