Mid-size woman says curves are ‘best accessory’ and ‘can’t be bought’

A mid-size influencer declared that curves are the 'best accessory' – and 'can't be bought'.

While many women opt for a more hourglass look nowadays, some go to the lengths of getting surgery to achieve a more voluptuous look.

But, social media star Coco Mocoe claimed that curves are not for buying.

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The brunette beauty recently shared on TikTok that she was once told that she couldn't wear certain clothing because she was 'too big'.

However, Coco has made it her mission to embrace her curves and show that they make outfits 'look better'.

In a TikTok clip that racked up 333,000 views, the fashion influencer explained: "This is my new series called 'is it a fit or is she fat' because for so long I was always told or felt like I couldn't wear things because I am a midsize curvy body.

"But this is our curvy girls, mid-size, plus size girls chance to reclaim and show that curves are the best accessory, they cannot be bought and they can't be replicated."

Coco then posed in her black jumpsuit from brand Free People, which she glammed up with a gold belt and bag along with some small sunglasses.

"As a curvy (size 12), I was always told that I couldn’t pull things off cus I’m 'too big'. But I’m starting this new series to show that curves are the BEST accessory & make any outfit look 10x better," she added in the comments.

"I know I’m not the face of curvy or represent the whole spectrum but I want to start an important conversation about high fashion and fashion marketing being more inclusive."

Inspired by Coco and her curvy fashion, many people fled to the comments to praise the influencer.

One person commented: "Obsessed! We’re the same size, thank you for showing me a cute outfit that I can rock with confidence."

Another user added: "This is a fit."

While a third said: "Really cute and it looks nice on you!"

Someone else declared: "This outfit is stunning and you’re so beautiful! I’m a midsized curvy body too, thank you for the amazing positivity"

Meanwhile, a fifth said: "You are most definitely not fat. You are beautiful."

The influencer explained that she wants to take the stigma away from the word 'fat'.

"I want to de-stigmatise the word & show curves can make any outfit 10x better", Coco voiced.


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