Model believes she’s ‘last virgin on OnlyFans’ after surgery to ‘repair hymen’

A model has opened up about undergoing hymenoplasty surgery in a bid to become the 'last virgin on OnlyFans'.

Brazilian beauty Kerolay Chaves, known as White Fairy on social media, started modelling on the racy subscription-based site after realising how much more she could make on it compared to her cell phone technician job.

By sharing sensual snaps, the 21-year-old amassed tons of admirers.

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And one had a particular request for her as they asked her to perform the request for virginity surgery.

Hymenoplasty, also known as virginity recovery surgery, is a surgical intervention that aims to rebuild the hymen.

It consists of the union of the parts of the hymen that have broken, but that are still in the vaginal canal.

Kerolay said she decided to go ahead and perform the request for the fan.

She said the decision to have the surgery came as she wanted to be "the last virgin of OnlyFans".

The model says she likes the idea that everyone can remember their first sexual relationship.

Talking about the surgery, she told CO Press: "I thought about making one of the biggest requests I've receive on the platform because I am very grateful for the independence I gained with it.

"I also plan to increase my revenue by 50% with this novelty."

Kerolay says the only other surgery she's had is a boob job.

She added: "I only had silicone implants once, because I wanted to have a little bigger breasts.

"But nothing on my body is overdone."

As well as her hymenoplasty, Kerolay also noticed that her shorter haircut has caught the attention of more subscribers.

"I love change, that's why I cut my hair so short," she said.

"Everyone says the look suits me a lot."


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