Model’s fans are so desperate for ‘piece of her’ that they pay £600 for her poo

An adult model has revealed that her “favourite fan” often asks her to send him her poo – and is even willing to pay £600 per sample.

Bree Essrig started out creating YouTube skits before making money by selling saucy videos and pictures to her subscribers on OnlyFans.

The content sharing platform offers fans the opportunity to interact personally with their favourite performers, as well as making unusual requests.

And, speaking on the Inside OnlyFans podcast, Bree shared one instance where a fan has taken full advantage of this feature when she was asked to describe the unusual requests she receives.

“I do mail my poop out sometimes,” she admitted.

“I have a scat guy, he’s actually my favourite, out of every person I’ve ever interacted with.”

The podcast’s shocked hosts asked Bree to elaborate, and she explained: “I will s**t into a (plastic) container. Sometimes he wants a little pee, sometimes a tampon.

“I charge extra for p**s, and obviously for period blood I’ll charge a lot.”

Astonishingly, the adult performer even revealed that this is a hugely lucrative business when she was asked how much she charges.

“It’s $800 (£600) for one doo-doo,” she claimed.

“I love him because he's disgusting, but he’s the most respectful person in the whole world.

"He’s like, ‘you’re my Queen, I worship you, I bow down to you. If I could even have a little piece of you that’s all I want’.”

Bree also explained that as a dominatrix, she also gets requests from men to harm them in kinky BDSM sessions.

“I have gotten propositioned to kick a guy in the balls, and I want to do it, that is my dream,” she said.

So, Bree described how plans were in place for the man to come to her in the studio with a professional film crew, allowing her dream to be recognised.

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