Morrisons is selling a Toblerone cake in a mug – and it only takes 3 minutes to make

Simply mix the cake mix, one egg, milk and a bit of vegetable oil with the Toblerone chocolate, put it in the microwave and voilà – the Toblerone cake's done and ready to eat.

The cake only needs two minutes in the average microwave, but Morrisons then recommends you to let it rest for a minute.

The chocolate treats are available in Morrisons stores, as spotted by Instagram account Kev's snack reviews, as well as online.

They cost £6 per mug, or if you're craving more than one, you can currently pick up two for £10, giving you a £2 discount.

But you might want to share the cake with someone, or save it for a special occasion, as only the ingredients in the pack without the extra egg and milk contain quite a high amount of calories.

The Toblerone chocolate weighs 16g and contains 370 calories per 100g, while the cake mix weighing 90g contains a 383 calories per 100g.

Or if you're not a fan of Toblerone, Morrisons is also selling a chocolate cake in a mug with Nutella and Smarties for the same price.

But £6 is quite expensive for one cake in a mug, so if you're not keen on paying that much, you can find much cheaper options at Asda.

The supermarket is selling Dr. Oetker's chocolate puddings in flavours such as rich chocolate, sticky toffee and banana and chocolate chip for only 50p a pack.

For Black Friday this year, Morrisons is also selling a giant Toblerone for only £5.

Or if you're craving something different, Toblerone has released a new coconut flavoured chocolate for £3.

If that's still too expensive for you, Poundland recently brought back its Toblerone copycat bar.

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