Most popular baby name of 2018 revealed – and full list of year’s top 100 names

Picking the perfect baby name is one of the most exciting challenges for new parents – but it also comes with a lot of pressue.

They have to pick something that will be suitable to take their little bundle of joy through life, whatever path they might decide to take.

As we approach the end of 2018, it’s time to look back at the most popular names over the last 12 months – and it’s been a really interesting year.

We’ve had two new royal babies, a new Duchess and a whole host of new figures and celebrities – so have any of them inspired parents?

The Mirror can now exclusively reveal the most popular names of 2018, according to BabyCentre’s annual report.

The most popular girls name in 2018 was Olivia, the same as last year, followed by Sophia, Emelia and Lily.

It’s another non-mover for the boys, with Muhammad topping the list followed by Oliver, Noah and Harry.

There are a number of new additions to both lists this year, including Victoria, Eden, Jasper and Louis.

Despite the Duchess of Sussex, Megan has dropped out of the list along with Levi, Ahmad, Madison and Hallie.

Here are the lists in full:



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