Move Over, Duggars: England’s Radford Family Just Welcomed Their 21st Child

The baby girl’s oldest sibling is 29.

The largest family in England just got even bigger as Sue Radford and husband Noel welcomed their 21st child this weekend, a baby girl named Bonnie Raye.

The family has gained international attention for their constant expansions, and the U.K.’s Metro noted that they are back in the news this week for their newest addition to the family. Bonnie came into the world at 8lb 4oz on Tuesday, and the report noted that her 20 other siblings were thrilled to meet her.

There is quite a gap now between the oldest Radford child and the youngest. Bonnie Rayes’s oldest brother, Chris, is 29 years old, and her youngest sibling is 14-month-old Archie.

As to how they were able to have children for nearly three decades, the Radfords got a very early start. Sue and Noel met and fell in love when they were children, and Sue first got pregnant at the age of 14. As the Express noted, the couple was pressured to give the baby up for adoption but they were determined to raise Chris, and they moved into a home together.

Three years later, Sue gave birth to her second child, a girl named Sophie. Since then they have gone no more than three years without welcoming a new member of the family, and the last couple of years have been especially busy. With the addition of Bonnie Raye this week, Sue and Noel now have four children age 2 or under.

Though they may not have a reality television show like their American counterpart in the 19-child Duggar family, the Radfords still generate quite a bit of attention. Earlier this year, the Express covered the family’s announcement that Sue was pregnant again with baby No. 21.

Sue, who said she normally has a good sense of whether she’s having a boy or a girl, admitted that she got it wrong with the most recent pregnancy, guessing it would be a boy.

The Radford family says they are set with 21 children.

“We’ve both decided we don’t want any more,” Sue Radford told the Sun this week (via the Metro). “Bonnie has completed our family.”

Sue, who has spent just under 16 years of her life being pregnant, said she is looking forward to putting her maternity clothes away for good.

“It has to come to an end at some point,” she said. “The maternity clothes will be going in the bin shortly. I won’t miss being pregnant at all.”

But as Radfords noted, they also made a similar vow to stop having children after having Archie last year and had trouble sticking to it.

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