Mrs Hinch fans share hack which lifts burnt bits from pans without scrubbing

Pots and pans can be a nightmare to get clean – especially the non-stick wears off or if you have a stainless steel option.

Food gets burnt on and leaves irritating marks or the whole thing can become discoloured.

Which, if you’re house proud or love cooking, can be very irritating.

Whether you’ve been scrubbing at your pots with steel wool or hoping the dishwasher will blast the grime off, this tip may be for you.

A Mrs Hinch fan has explained her easy trick for removing burnt on food and marks from pans.

Mrs Hinch, also known as Sophie Hinchliffe, is an Instagram influencer with a whopping 4.1m followers who loves to share her cleaning tips and tricks.

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Loyal fans have set up hundreds of Facebook pages to bond with other “Hinchers” who find joy in scrubbing up their homes.

In one such fan page, with 732,000 members, a woman explained that she’d burn some food in her pans, reports the Express.

She said: “I have just burnt my pan after forgetting I had potatoes on the boil. The bottom of the pan is completely burnt.

“Is there any way to clean it or should I just bin it?”

And, fellow cleaning obsessives came to the rescue!

One person said: “Fill with water, add washing powder and boil, works a treat.”

Someone else added: “ Washing powder and gently simmer.”

Another agreed and said: “Put washing powder in and simmer.”

While a fourth added: “A friend who is a chef once told me to put some cheap washing powder in and some boiling water.

“Then, move it outside and allow the rain to hit it and it will come back good as new!”

A fifth said: “Water and washing powder, let it soak then scrub it with wire wool.”

Seems legit if so many house proud Hinch fans suggest the same thing.

You can boil you pan with either washing power or a dishwasher tablet and it will do the same thing.

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Just make sure to keep topping it up with boiled water so it doesn’t heat up when dry.

Eventually, unsightly marks and burnt food should lift off the pan and float to the top of the water.

Try the hack a couple of times for around an hour if it doesn’t work straight away (although maybe wait for colder weather first!).

After that run it through the dishwasher and your pots should look almost new.

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