M&S shoppers ‘disgusted yet intrigued’ over new hot cross bun sandwich

M&S shoppers have been left "disgusted yet intrigued" over a new hot cross bun sandwich.

Yes, you read that right.

The Easter themed treat has had a bit of a makeover this year thanks to the supermarket giant.

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Instead of cutting the sweet bun in half and serving it with butter like many traditionally do, M&S decided to give it a lunchtime spin and make it into a sandwich – a BLT sarnie.

For a selected amount of time only, you can get your hands on the 'Hot Cross Bun BLT' with usual fillings of the classic bacon, lettuce and tomato sub.

The packaging on the limited edition food says: "Maple cured bacon, semi-dried tomatoes, lettuce and smoky mayo."

If you want to try the sandwich and hot cross bun hybrid then it will cost you £4.75.

With the Easter range product only just launching, not many Brits have been able to get their hands on one just yet.

But it doesn't mean that many haven't already formed some strong opinions on the food offering.

Over on the Casual UK subreddit, one user admitted: "No gonna lie, that sounds delicious.

"I expect it costs a small fortune though. But look, it's low sugar!"

Another user added: "I am disgusted, yet intrigued.

"If I am near M&S anytime soon I will definitely try one."

While a third voiced: "My dad eats raisin hot cross buns with a cheese and strawberry jam filling.

"Tried it and it's actually good, M&S might be on to something here."

Someone else said: "Errr… yes I’ll take two please."

Meanwhile, a fifth person shared: "That is my lunch planned."

Let us know in the comments what you think about the hot cross bun and sandwich hybrid – would you try it?


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