Mum banishes debt by selling breastmilk videos – and can now earn £10k a month

A mum-of-three has banished debt by selling videos of her breastmilk online.

Alice Lovegood, earns up to £10,000 per month by sharing clips of her pumping milk for fans.

And the 27-year-old, from Devon, was even offered an eye-watering £100,000 to breastfeed a kinky follower.

Alice – who has 8-year-old and 3-year-old sons and a 7-month daughter with her husband – said: "Before I started doing this last year, our life was very different. We were in over £15,000 of debt, I worked all the time including weekends and we had never been on a family holiday.

"Now I can put my kids into a good school if I choose to and I can spend quality time with them.

"I know some people think posting videos of my breastmilk is disgusting but it's natural and I don't care what people say. I'm proud of what I've achieved and I love the confidence it's given me."

The mum decided to get into the industry in August 2020 – after falling pregnant with her youngest child.

At the time, she was working as a cash-strapped family assessment worker.

She recalled: "My husband and I weren't planning on having another child so it was a complete shock when we got pregnant.

"With a third baby on the way, there was a lot more pressure on us financially.

"I had always been a very sexual person and I knew pregnancy was a fetish so I thought I could make some extra money to help us out.

"In February last year, I started online posting pics of my pregnant belly on OnlyFans initially with my face hidden.

"I began getting lots of requests for lactation videos and it just took off from there. By April, I was making content full-time".

Alice's decision proved to be a lucrative one as thousands are willing to pay for videos of her lactating breasts.

As her career has taken off, Alice even briefly considered selling her breast milk to fans for over £300 a pop.

She explained: "People want to see me squirt the milk out of your boobs, drink my breast milk and pump milk out of my boobs dressed like a cow."

"A lot of my followers say my content is actually quite wholesome! My fans sometimes just like the sound of pumping milk or the visual of me wearing a nursing bra.

"At one point, I was open to selling my breastmilk for £300 for 100ml because I was getting so many requests for it. But with the pandemic, I decided it wasn't safe.

"One of my followers offered me £100,000 to breastfeed him. It was an eye-watering sum but I declined it."

Alice believes the kinky content has surged in popularity recently – especially after documentary 'Breastfeeding my Boyfriend' aired on Channel 4 recently.

While thousands love the fetish, there are some that criticise the mum for partaking in it.

She has defended her profession though, explaining: "Breastfeeding my kids is a completely separate thing to anything I do online.

"Some people have accused me of taking my breastmilk from my child but if anything I'm improving their supply. The more I pump, the more milk I can produce for my kids.

"I also don't think people have the right to tell others what they can or can't do with their body. Breastmilk is such a natural thing and no-one should be shamed for it"

Alice doesn't plan on slowing down any time soon.

She added: "I'll breastfeed my child as long as she asks for it but after that, I will probably continue producing milk for my followers.

"If I'm honest, I will be quite sad when I stop lactating milk because I love breastfeeding and I also love making these videos for my fans.

"But after my second baby, I produced milk for a whole year afterwards after so I'm not thinking about that just yet and enjoying the moment!"

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