Mum creates amazing feature wall for just £3 using free samples of wallpaper

Creating a feature wall can be expensive, especially when you consider that the price of certain brands of wallpaper can stack up to hundreds of pounds for a couple of rolls.

Even frames and prints can really add up.

Manchester mum-of-two Mel Roscoe has managed to create this incredible look, however, for just over £3, using wallpaper samples and some ingenuity.

Mel posted her design on Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, explaining how a stencil bought from eBay helped her make the hexagonal shapes.

In the post, Mel says that she bought the stencil for just £2.38, and went to different stores like Wilko and B&Q to get free wallpaper samples.

She also got samples sent from a number of online decorating stores, and even used the envelopes they came in for some of the stencils.

From there, she cut out the shapes and used Blu-Tack (which cost £1) to stick them to the wall.

Mel’s post racked up hundreds of likes on the cleaning and interiors focused Facebook group, as well as plenty of comments saying how much they loved it.

One commenter said, ‘Looks fab’, while another said ‘This is amazing!’ and plenty more tagged family and friends to show them.

Mel did say that the feature wall by her stairs was still a work in progress, explaining: ‘I know some are wonky but like i said they’re not properly on yet it was just to see which way I liked them.’

Once she’s decided on the exact placement of each one, she plans to fix them in place more permanently.

She isn’t the only mum who’s been making gorgeous-looking homewares on a budget. 30-year-old Elisa Ward wowed the internet recently with a Minnie Mouse style wreath that cost just £7.

Others have been revamping their whole kitchens using sticky back plastic to give new life to their worktops and paint to change their cupboard doors. Certainly beats shelling out for a new one and having builders in for weeks.

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