Mum discovers a magic cleaning stone that banishes stains

‘It cleans everything’: Mum discovers a ‘magic stone’ that banishes stains from EVERY corner of her home – including the bench top, mirrors and taps

  • An Australian mother purchased the sell-out Universal Stone for $39.95 online
  • The woman, who lives in New South Wales, couldn’t get rid of a bathroom stain
  • So she purchased the stone and was able to get rid of it plus clean her taps
  • It’s sold out on Neat Inspiration at present but available on other websites
  • Fellow cleaning fanatics have promised to try it because of its ‘versatility’ 

An Australian woman who claimed nothing could lift a yellow stain on her bathroom bench top or banish rust from her taps has found success with a little ‘magic stone’ she purchased on the internet.

The woman, who lives in New South Wales, bought the sell-out Universal Stone for $39.95 off Neat Inspiration and decided to share the unique find in the Mums Who Clean Facebook group.   

‘Hey guys, thought I would post this product I have found in case it helps someone,’ she said.

The woman, who lives in New South Wales, bought the sell-out Universal Stone for $39.95 off Neat Inspiration and decided to share the unique find on the Mums Who Clean Facebook group

‘After trying every product I could find on supermarket shelves to get this stain out of my bathroom bench top and marks off the tap with no success, I decided to try this Universal Stone that I purchased online.

The Universal Stone is $39.95 online

‘I even used it on the mirror which is now completely streak-free and shiny. These results are after minimal scrubbing. The price is a little up there but it cleans pretty much everything and it’s a solid mass so it goes a long way.’

She shared photos of her bathroom cleaning success alongside the review, with all stains and markings completely disappeared in a matter of minutes. 

‘Wow it looks amazing! I have the same issue with my bathroom bench tops,’ one woman commented. 

‘That looks so good. I think I need to invest in one,’ said another.

Owners of the stone only need to rub the surface for it to foam with non-toxic soap, before scrubbing objects and appliances around the house with its non-abrasive outer layer.

It’s made from six simple ingredients: Soapflakes, green soap, vegetable oils, glycerine, polishing clay earth and lemon essential oil. 

Other reviews online have said it ‘works when nothing else does’ on stained microwaves and kitchen stove tops.

‘This is so awesome to have around the house. I used it on my stainless steel fridge because it had fingerprints on it… I tried everything on it to get them off but this was all that worked,’ one person said.

‘This is the only thing I’ve found that works to clean shower doors. Excellent product,’ said another.

While it’s currently sold out on Neat Inspiration it can also be purchased on Amazon. 

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