Mum goes blind after developing brain infection on dream Caribbean holiday

A mum was struck down with a serious brain infection while on a dream Caribbean holiday, leaving her unable to walk, talk or see.

Cathrine Ndlovu, 32, flew out to the Dominican Republic with her elderly mother Musa, aunt Tendai and eight-year-old son Brodie in August.

She began suffering from earaches and headaches on her second day in the country and decided to seek medical help.

But she was misdiagnosed by doctors and her condition was left untreated for two weeks before being flown out of the country without proper assistance.

She had her wisdom teeth removed in a local hospital after being told that was the cause of her problem.

But the next day the pain became much worse and she started to lose her eyesight.

Cathrine returned to the hospital and was admitted for three days where medics said she had suffered a stroke and diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis.

It was only after her return to the UK that she was told she was suffering from rhombencephalitis, a life-threatening brain stem infection.

Catherine, who works as a Border Force officer, spent months in intensive care at Manchester Royal Infirmary.

She has learned to walk and talk again after suffering from brain damage due to the condition.

Because she did not have critical care insurance Catherine was forced to fork out £6,000 for the medical bills during her stay in hospital in the Dominican Republic.

Friends and family have launched a GoFundMe appeal for Catherine who has been unable to returns to her job since August 2018.

Her friend Kelly Francis explained Catherine’s ordeal on the GoFundMe appeal.

She write: "She lost control of her right arm and had no sight in her right eye, but was still discharged from hospital three days later and told she would be fit to fly home on her booked flight eight days later.

"On the day Cathrine returned home, she had no eye sight, had not drunk or eaten for one week, was unable to swallow and could not walk,’ explained Kelly.

"However, being the true fighter she is, Cathrine was determined to get home with her eight-year-old son and by a miracle survived the flight.’

Catherine has thanked those who have contributed to her fund, which so far has raised £1,432.

"Work has been amazing; colleagues and friends have visited and even come up with the GoFundMe fundraising idea for me,’ said Cathrine.

"I’ve had so much support it’s been wonderful, but I really want to get to Salford Neuro Ward now and take the next steps on the rehabilitation journey.

"I’m determined to be home by Christmas and reunited with my son. Thank you so much for all you help it’s very much appreciated."

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