Mum-of-three shares how to get £40 worth of food for just £3 – ‘saves us a fortune’

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As the cost of living rapidly rises, an increasing number of families will be looking for the most economical ways to sustain their lifestyles. Food products have increased in price throughout the country, but there are ways to save money on grocery shopping.

Jessica Pennington-Fogg, 35, is an accounts assistant from Preston.

She is also a mother of three children and, as a young family, could be affected by the rising costs of living.

However, Jessica is often able to buy food products for hugely discounted prices, and she has shared how others can too.

The mum-of-three uses the app Too Good To Go to find leftover food that would be otherwise thrown away.

Using the app, Jessica shops at Greggs, Cinnabon, Spar, and Morrisons – buying the same items as she usually would be for half the price.

She receives perfectly edible food from the shops that would otherwise go to waste.

“I heard about the Too Good To Go app through adverts on social media so I started giving it a go and now we tend to use it once a week,” Jessica told money-saving community

“If you have a chest freezer, then definitely utilise this app – so much can be frozen.”

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Jessica went on to explain which food items she has been able to get her hands on in recent weeks, thanks to the app.

She said: “Some of the bags I’ve got include a Cinnabon bag for £5.40, which was worth £21, with two large, six medium and one cinnamon bite.

“These freeze on the day, and are perfect for treats as I split them before freezing so I can defrost one or two at a time, and then heat them in the microwave for one minute.”

The 35-year-old continued: “I got a Spar bag for £3.09 worth over £40! All the pies and pasties had five to six days left so were used for lunches for work and school.

“We couldn’t believe our luck with this haul! The children enjoyed the doughnuts, and the pizza was frozen and then used when my son had a friend sleepover.

“We’ve also got Morrisons bags for £3.09. You usually get £20 worth of goods. Often half has plenty of life left, and any short-dated produce either gets planned into meals for the next day or goes in the freezer.”

As for Greggs, Jessica unveiled she received two bags “which cost £5.90, or £2.95 each, with over £30 worth of food”.

She said: “We always get a mixture of sandwiches, often a couple of pasties and sometimes sausage rolls. We always get doughnuts with ours, and sometimes get cookies too.”

The mum-of-three added: “We also managed to get a roast carvery at £6.58, or £3.29 each, worth £14.58. These are packed full of meat and all the different veg.

“They do have vegetarian options that are slightly cheaper too. Two boxes make two decent meals for four of us.

“I only go out of my way for Cinnabon, but it tends to be once a month, and it’s a nice treat.

“All the others we tend to look at collection times, and if they fit in with when I finish work, we try to reserve them so I can collect on my way home.”

Jessica stressed that the best stores on the app “go very very quickly”, and so it is worth making sure “you have them favourited”.

She went on to advise: “Always check the time that collection ends, and if you want to try and get one, set an alarm for 14 minutes after collection ends, then start refreshing the app repeatedly.

“Also have your card saved on the app, if you have fingerprint authorisation, then I find this helps for speed.”

Jessica added that the app is a “great way to try new things” but also helps “saves us a fortune every month”.

Tom Church, co-founder of, commented: “The rising prices of food shopping and the huge amount of food that gets wasted every week are two problems that the Too Good To Go app solves head-on.

“As Jessica says, this app allows you to save a fortune, try new food and also help stop perfectly good food being chucked away.”

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