Mum shares horrifying photos of black mould growing inside son's bath toys

A mum has shared disturbing photos of the inside of her son’s bath toys to reveal black mould growing where she couldn’t see.

After reading about another little boy who almost lost his eyesight after he squirted himself in the eye with one of his bath toys, she decided to cut her son’s toys open to check inside.

She was horrified to find that black mould was growing inside the toys, even though she washed them regularly.

She shared the pictures and a warning on Facebook, writing: ‘Please throw these bath toys away it’s disgusting – I feel sick looking at it.

‘For those of you who saw the post I shared the other day of the little boy who accidentally squirted himself in the eye with one of his bath toys and it got really bad infected, y’all…

‘I just cut my kids bath toys open and needless to say, they are all going in the trash and I will never buy another and I would suggest you all do the same!

‘They say mould grows in them because they’re never able to fully dry out! I’ve never been more disgusted in my life!!’

She then received backlash from some commenters, so added: ‘**DISCLAIMER FOR ALL YOU PERFECT PARENTS**

‘Yes I clean my kids toys but you cannot dry them out fully, therefore mold grows because it’s wet – I’m sure y’all don’t cook your kids Dino chicken nuggets either’ [sic].

If you want to look for bath toys that won’t get mouldy, you should try getting something that’s made of just one solid piece of material, which would indicate that there’s no place for water to get inside.

You should swerve any toys with holes in the bottom, as is common with squeezable plastic toys, as water can get trapped in there and not dry out.

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