Mum slams men who don’t help parent as ‘they push wives to breaking point’

A mum said men who don't help their partners with parenting are the reason women can be pushed to "breaking point".

Anneliese King, who is known for sharing advice on Instagram, works to help parents "feel seen", and boasts more than 292,000 followers.

In a recent post, she opened up about how vital she thinks equal parenting is in a relationship.

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The mum talked about equal parenting – and said it should be the "expectation" that men do their bit to muck in.

She said she's lucky she has a supportive partner who helps out, does his fair share and gives her time to do other things.

But she knows this isn't the case for everyone, and said it's the reason why some women may have moments where they hit "breaking point."

In a post on Instagram, she said: "My husband did the dishes, bathed the boys, brushed their teeth, got them into PJs and is now in their room reading them a story.

"And the number of people who will feel surprise when reading that is the reason why mums are always at our f***ing breaking point."

Anneliese also wrote a caption next to the picture, adding: "If I said the same sentence about what I did tonight, no one would find it interesting. Right???

"Yes. I'm lucky my husband does an equal amount in our life. But damn that should be the expectation."

Since she shared the post over 15,000 people have liked it – and Anneliese's followers have been quick to share their thoughts.

More than 280 people left comments – and mums have shared stories of how they've been left "crying" at times when they've been left alone and have struggled to cope.

One person said: "This should be the norm. Why are we doing most of the s**t most of the time?

"1950 was so long ago, and yet here we are. Brilliant post."

Another added: "I am so mentally, physically and emotionally burnt out.

"I am so tired of taking care of everyone in my house (husband included).

"For just one day I wish someone would take care of me. It's exhausting and infuriating that so many of us are feeling this way."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "I am grateful my husband does 50%.

"If he didn't I'd say 'cool – you want to live in the 50s? I'm quitting my job."


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