Mum-to-be who thought she’d seen car crash stunned to find pair romping in back

A mum-to-be who thought she spotted a crashed car was stunned to find a half-naked couple ROMPING in the back – just yards from where children play.

Heavily pregnant Felicity Rowlands initially thought the pair were in need of help when she saw the Renault’s indicators flashing as she walked her dogs.

But as she approached the car, she claims she saw the vehicle was moving and decided to video what she saw.

The explicit footage shows an unknown couple appearing to have sex in the back seat of the parked red Clio.

The man man’s naked bottom going up and down in full view of passersby.

His partner can be spotted underneath him wearing black leggings and white socks.

The front seat has been moved forward to accommodate them.

Despite Felicity claiming at least the woman must have spotted her, the shameless pair don’t appear to care and continued as she walked away down the residential street.

The senior administrator, who was left feeling ‘awkward and horrible’ as she squeezed past the car, joked she should have shown her baby bump as a warning to deter the lusty couple.

Felicity, from Bromborough in Merseyside, said: "I think at least one of them is in a relationship and they must be cheating, because why would you do it in a car like that and not just go home?"

"It’s one of the most bizarre things I’ve seen while I’ve been walking the dog.

"I wasn’t expecting it. It’s a funny video. It’s quite shocking that they thought that it was okay to do that in broad daylight.

"Children play around there as well so they obviously didn’t think. There are houses right opposite as well.

"I was just walking the dog. As I was coming out of the woods I saw this car that was parked funny.

"It had its indicator on so I assumed that it had its hazard lights on. I thought maybe the car had crashed.

"Because of where the woods is, the car was literally right in front of me as I was walking up.

"I looked and I could see the passenger seat was forward and someone was in the back of the car. I thought – they’re not doing what I think they’re doing, are they?

"I just had my phone camera and thought I would record it as I walked past to see what was going on. Then obviously I saw them doing that.

"It was a shock when I realised. I felt really embarrassed. It was a really odd thing to witness. They looked quite young as well. To do that, surely they must have been so desperate?

"I don’t understand why they couldn’t have waited until they got home or at least until it got dark? It was weird.

"It was only 5pm so it wasn’t that long until it got dark – just hang on and wait until it got dark. They obviously couldn’t wait.

"I’m 35 weeks pregnant so I was tempted to knock on the door and say ‘I hope you guys are using protection because this is what happens’.

"My partner asked me if I knocked on the window but I just said, no, I was far too embarrassed. I just wanted to walk away.

"I felt like I was almost in the wrong taking the video as well. I wasn’t 100 per cent sure what they were doing but I wanted to just take a video so I could see what they were doing.

"I wasn’t expecting to see them having sex. It felt awkward and horrible [to have witnessed it]."

Felicity says young children play in the woods just yards away from where the couple were having sex.

Felicity said: "I guess it was just a typical ‘hump’ day.

"I would say it’s funny, but then after you think about it and you’ve seen the funny side, you think how gross it is.

"It’s so inappropriate, especially when you know the kids playing in those woods could see that. It’s just so inappropriate.

"The kids were playing at the very bottom of the woods – I don’t know if they saw it. They hang around there until it gets dark and then they come out.

"I hope that they didn’t see them having sex.

"Why could they not have just gone home? Why do you feel the need to do it in the back of a car in broad daylight when you know people could just walk past.

"Obviously there are houses right opposite where they were. Why have they not got the decency to not have sex in public?

"I don’t want to see that when I’m walking the dog."

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