Murderer Ian Huntley sobs in solitary confinement after ‘kicking prison guard’

Child killer Ian Huntley was locked up in solitary confinement after swearing at an official and kicking a guard, according to reports.

Huntley was  allegedly first thrown in isolation after breaching prison rules by saying 'f*** off' to a worker.

He was then taken out of his cell for an adjudication hearing, however, he soon returned to solitary after reportedly kicking a prison guard.

The kick was described as 'pathetic' by a jail source, who also claimed the murderer was crying as he was dragged back to segregation, an article states.

The monster's special privileges were said to have been taken away after the attack, meaning he lost his £20-a-week painting job and was not allowed to buy fish and chip dinners.

Huntley was thrown into isolation in HMP Frankland, in Durham, in August – and his prison time is now said to be catching up with him, according to The Sun . 

The prisoner killed Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman, both aged 10, in Soham, Cambridgeshire, in 2002.

He was sentenced to a minimum of 40 years in jail in 2003.

Describing Huntley's latest attack, a jail source told The Sun : “It was a pretty pitiful, pathetic attempt, more a trip than a kick.

“Huntley was quickly restrained and taken back to segregation again, sobbing as he went.

"He’s almost unrecognisable now from what the public would remember.

"He looks like a skinny old man with no fight left in him."

The murderer is at constant risk of attack from other prisoners and has had a string of health problems and suicide attempts in jail.

Damien Fowkes, a serial armed robber, slashed Huntley's throat in HMP Frankland in 2010.

The murderer was recorded apologising for the 2002 killings last year.

It was previously reported that the monster had struck up a close bond behind bars with a fellow prisoner named 'Luna', who is transitioning.

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