My boyfriend is depressed and has lost interest in having sex with me

I fell for his charms and was soon deeply in love with him. Then he changed.

Now he never wants to have sex with me. The first month was great but then I found out that he suffers from depression.

He lost all interest in sex, so I feel like a friend not a lover to him. He’s 34 and I’m 29.

I realised that he’s still obsessed with his ex and feels massive anger and resentment towards her.

They were together for five years and split up three months before we met.

It hurts but she’s there in his thoughts all the time. We’ve been an item for nearly six months but I don’t really know if he loves me or whether he just wants someone to be with, to help heal his wounds and to make him feel he has moved on with his life.

Are we ever going to have passionate sex, or is he just on the rebound?

DEIDRE SAYS: You have got to have a serious talk with him.

Explain that you have needs in this relationship too. You are not a sticking plaster for his broken heart. You can just walk away from it now.

Or you can say that you are not his therapist and he needs counselling to get over his relationship with his ex, plus you two need to get sensual together.

My e-leaflet on Massage For Couples explains how this can get those hormones revved up and put you really in touch.

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