My boyfriend took nude photos of me when I was asleep – I’m devastated | The Sun

DEAR DEIDRE: MY boyfriend took nude photos of me when I was asleep. I’m devastated.

He hasn’t posted them online or shown them to anyone, but I feel violated.

I’m 23 and he’s 24. We’ve been dating for 18 months.

We have a great sex life, which has often included taking photos of our private parts.

Recently, I’ve started posting some on OnlyFans. It’s a confidence boost, and my boyfriend gets off on it.

Last week, I asked him to take some pictures of me in bed for my account.

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After he’d taken them, we deleted them from his phone.

But the next day, I found several more images of me in his camera roll.

He’d taken them after I’d fallen asleep. I felt sick.

Now he doesn’t understand why I’m so upset.

He says they are just for his own enjoyment, so he can look at my body when we’re not together.

But I didn’t agree to these photos being taken, or to him keeping them. I can’t see how we can move forward.


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DEIDRE SAYS: You didn’t give your consent for these photos so this is a terrible breach of your trust.

What your boyfriend did isn’t currently a criminal offence, although it would be if he uploaded the pictures or showed them to someone.

He needs to be made to understand why what he has done is so wrong, and why you’re so hurt.

Please talk to someone in confidence about your feelings.

You can call SupportLine (, 01708 765 200) and/or Rape Crisis (, 0808 500 2222) who are there for anyone who has been sexually assaulted.

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