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NEW mum Millie White, 27, from Sheffield has found a side hustle that makes her £1,000 a month and says it’s so fun that it doesn’t even feel like work.

The project marketing manager has always had a passion for finding the perfect birthday and Christmas gifts for friends and family.

But two years ago, in the middle of the pandemic, she turned her present-buying skills into an extra income stream which helped her to buy her first home last year with partner Brent, 27, a roofer. 

Since having their daughter, Sadie, nine months ago, the money from Millie’s gift box business The Little Leopard Co has been crucial to help cover the soaring cost of food and other bills.

She said: “I have always loved buying gifts and cards. 

“It became a running joke among friends and family that I would send a card for any occasion.


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“If someone was going through a hard time, going to university or got a new job, I would get them something. 

“I like knowing that I’m going to make someone smile.”

Millie set up gift box company The Little Leopard Co in June 2020, after realising she had a knack for finding unique and thoughtful presents.

She said: “I really like putting thought into what I’m buying people.

“I was always thinking about what birthdays were coming up and would keep an eye out in the shops for gifts.

“And I’d had success with gifts – friends and family thought they were a bit different.”

Millie decided to use £1,500 from her savings to start the company but now makes around £1,000 a month from the side hustle, which she does around her full-time marketing job.

Evenings, lunchtimes and weekends are spent sourcing products and packing boxes for customers among other tasks.

Millie estimates that her side hustle earnings amount to around £15 an hour.

Initially most of her earnings from the business went into saving for a deposit on the house she bought a home with Brent last year.  

Now the extra cash helps with the rising cost of bills and living, and she also puts some back into the business to help it grow.

While many companies were badly hit by Coronavirus and multiple lockdowns, Millie’s thrived as people looked for ways of staying connected with loved ones who they couldn’t see face to face.

“Sending a gift through the post was really popular,” Mille said. “We managed to kick-start from the off.”

The business has since settled into a more seasonal pattern with busy periods around Christmas and Easter.

Customers looking for a present can choose from a pre-curated box or put together their own using items sourced by Millie.

The presents she includes are from small, independent suppliers, as she wants to help other entrepreneurs like herself.

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She said: “It’s nice to know that I’m supporting someone else’s side hustle. 

“And I’m buying something different that hasn’t been received before.”

Working around a full-time job and as a mum to her nine-month-old baby isn’t always easy.

Millie said: “It can be hectic and definitely has its challenges. You wear every hat and there’s a lot to do.

“But I prioritise what’s important and when I have extra time I work my way through the not so pressing things.”

Millie aims to eventually earn enough cash through The Little Leopard Co to make it her full-time job. 

She said: “I like the flexibility of being able to do it as a working mum and I like being my own boss.

“It’s really rewarding to come up with the ideas yourself and it’s really nice when they go down well.

“Getting repeat customers, good reviews and knowing you’re going to be a part of someone’s special day – it gives me satisfaction.”


There are lots of side hustles that can help you to make money in your spare time.

Surveys and questionnaires are a good place to start as they pay for your opinions and you can do them at a time that suits you. or are just two of many companies that pay for responses.

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You can make up to £1,000 a year selling items online without having to pay tax on your earnings.

If you start to earn more than this from your side hustle, you will have to register with HM Revenue & Customs as self-employed.
Depending on how much you earn in total you might have to pay tax.

Check with a tax expert if you are unsure.

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