Need some motivation to hit the gym? Follow these Instagram fitness trainers to get moving

If you’re guilty of aimlessly scrolling through multiple Instagram fitness accounts promising yourself that you’ll start your new “healthy routine” tomorrow, say aye. 

Yeah, we’ve all been there. Finding the motivation to change your life around can be a bit difficult for some of us couch potatoes, and for non-couch potatoes trying to maintain that drive can become exhausting too — it’s just hard all around.

So the next time you’re scrolling through Instagram either creeping on your ex’s best friend’s cousin’s step-sister’s page or looking for the latest celebrity tea, make sure to follow these six trainers for a boost of inspiration to get up off your phone and get moving. 

Whether you want to shed some pounds, build some muscle or just be in shape, these trainers will help get you right and tight. 

Massy Arias

How long she’s been training for: Eight years

Specialties: Full body (your mind included)

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