Newlyweds confess their honeymoon secrets – and some horror stories

We’ve all heard the saying ‘the honeymoon period’. It represents a time of joy, happiness and bliss in a relationship and at no point is this more true than the actual honeymoon itself.

After all those months of preparing to tie the knot, newlyweds usually jet off in search of paradise so they can enjoy a peaceful couple of weeks together basking in their love before they become a typical married couple arguing over whose turn it is to wash the dishes.

But not all honeymoons are that blissful. Sometimes it can all go horribly wrong before you’ve even got off the plane.

Newlyweds took to the secret-sharing app Whisper to confess the mishaps and bad thoughts that ruined their honeymoons.

And some will make you want to stay single forever.

One woman confessed she cheated on her husband during the honeymoon, while a man said his soon-to-be-ex-wife was on their honeymoon with another man (what on earth happened there?!)

Read on for some horrific confessions…

1. An upsetting truth

2. An overwhelming secret

3. My husband left me’

4. A fortunate mishap

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5. Raunchy antics

6. Immediate regret

7. Worst honeymoon ever

8. A messy accident

9. Early divorce

10. And this couple whose honeymoon lasted forever

A version of this article originally appeared on Mirror Online in 2016.

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