Nicki Minaj ‘Having The Time Of Her Life’ With Kenneth Petty On European Tour: It’s A Real-Life ‘Fantasy’

Nicki Minaj brought her boyfriend Kenneth Petty with her on her European tour and she’s thoroughly enjoying the dream-like time they’re getting to spend together.

Nicki Minaj, 36, and her relationship with boyfriend Kenneth Petty, 41, is going strong! The rapper didn’t hesitate to bring her beau on her European tour with her and it turns out they’re totally living it up. “Nicki is having the time of her life on tour, everything really is better with Kenneth by her side,” a source close to Nicki EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife. “He is her missing puzzle piece, she feels like her whole journey makes sense now that she’s found him.  And being in Europe, and especially Paris with her love, makes everything more intense. It’s very much a fantasy come to life. Nicki’s so full of energy and love right now and she’s pouring that out at her shows, her fans are benefiting from this happy time in her life, she’s at her peak.”

Nicki and Kenneth have been dating since Nov. 2018 but they knew each other years before that and even dated when they were teenagers living in New York City. Since they went public with their romance, Nicki’s made it clear that she’s absolutely loving every minute with Kenneth even though she initially received criticism from some followers for Kenneth’s past legal troubles. She’s often shared pics and videos of them hanging out together on social media and now that he’s with her on tour, things definitely seem to be more serious than ever.

Nicki’s European tour to promote her latest music started in Germany on Feb. 21 and will last until Mar. 28. Since she’s exploring the overseas with her love and getting to perform for thousands of fans every night, Nicki’s thriving like never before and it’s great to see her so happy! We can’t wait to see what the future brings for her relationship with Kenneth and we’re wishing them only the best.

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