Nicole Kidman has two shots at Oscar right now (but calls her career ‘so random and weird’)

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. – For Nicole Kidman, this holiday season brings a tale of two drastically different mothers.

On Friday, “Boy Erased” begins expanding into theaters across the country, based on the true story of a Baptist family grappling with their son (played by Lucas Hedges) coming out. His preacher father Marshall (Russell Crowe) is ashamed and decides to send Jared off to Christian-based gay conversion therapy. His mother, Nancy (Kidman), silently acquiesces.

Then this Christmas, Kidman takes the lead in “Destroyer” (out Dec. 25), a crime noir in which she plays Erin Bell, an alcoholic LAPD detective who has largely abdicated parenting duties to her teenage daughter as she throws herself into a decades-long quest to bring down a gang leader she failed to nab years before.

The pair of tour de force performances are earning Kidman raves and Oscar predictions.

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“I’m playing mothers who are on different ends of the spectrum,” says Kidman, 51, a frothy cappuccino quickly losing heat by her side. In “Destroyer,” Erin “is working through enormous pain and shame and wreckage,” she says, while Arkansas mom Nancy “is all love-based, is all about her child and still had to navigate through something that she did to him that she now feels incredibly ashamed about.”

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