Nippon TV Series ‘Old Enough!’ Goes to Second Season on Netflix

Netflix has struck a deal with Japan’s Nippon TV for a second season of unscripted reality show “Old Enough!”.

The show, which has played for some 30 years in Japan, takes as its core premise a child being given a responsible task on behalf of the family for the first time. These have included cooking the family dinner, folding the family’s clothes, or going on an errand in town. The show charts their reactions, fears and determination with the use of an incognito camera crew that is always close at hand.

Having previously carried 20 selected episodes as a first season, beginning in March, Netflix will now take ten additional episodes, uploading them from Jan. 1, 2023.

“Old Enough!” has been sold as a popular finished program to broadcasters in many Asian countries. It is also sold by Nippon TV as an unscripted format, with previous adaptations in Italy, the U.K., Vietnam and China. The format is additionally under option in The Netherlands and a third season has been contracted in Singapore.

Some of the second season episodes being delivered to Netflix will showcase a feature called “After Years,” which will tell more about the child who went on the errand and where they are today. These follow-up segments have been a popular feature for many in Japan. Netflix says the follow-up segments were added to its second season at the request of viewers.

On Netflix, the first season trended globally on social media, especially in English speaking countries including the U.S., U.K. and Australia. Season one also ranked number one in streamer’s kids profiles in territories including Indonesia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and Vietnam.

“Nippon TV has been airing Old Enough! for over 30 years and we have always received tremendously positive feedback and great ratings. Each episode is unique, and viewers are attracted and hooked to see how a child’s first errand turns out,” said Miyata Keisuke, head of finished sales, international business development at Nippon TV.

“When Netflix first streamed ‘Old Enough!’ in March of this year, we were certain that this best kept secret of ours would be widely appreciated by the global audience, and we are so happy that it did. Furthermore, it has led to international format sales of the beloved show as well.”

“So many great stories travel beyond their home countries on Netflix and this charming Japanese show dating back thirty years is an incredible standout,” said Naomi Satoh, content acquisition manager at Netflix.

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