No-deal Brexit could frighten millions of UK holidaymakers off Europe’s beaches

Millions of UK holidaymakers could be frightened off the beaches in Europe – if visa costs rocket because of a no-deal Brexit.

If Brussels ends up sending Brits to the back of the queue with the Russians and Chinese, we will have to pay €60 (£52.60) per adult and €35 (£30.70) to enter the Schengen zone.

The fees – applying to most EU countries, plus non-EU Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Lichtenstein – would make 58% of Brits consider an alternative.

Research for global exhibition World Travel Market London also revealed 40% of Brits believe Brexit will have an impact on their holiday plans in 2019.

Even if the UK is granted exemption from visa requirements, there could still be an entry permit fee of £7 per person.

The WTM said: “The British seem to be increasingly apprehensive about flights, visas and currency costs in destinations such as Spain, France and Italy.

“But this could mean there’s a silver lining for non-Schengen countries.”

But UK travel association Abta says that, despite fears, Europe is still the top destination for Brits next year.

Comment by Nigel Thompson , travel editor:

Brits love their holidays – come what may.

But an extra €190 for a family of four going to EU destinations after Brexit will be too much for many.

Sure, travel isn’t the most crucial part of securing an exit deal, but hard-working UK families deserve an annual sunshine break. So politicians shouldn’t make it harder for them.

Perhaps it’s a very good time to be a hotel owner in Turkey or Tunisia.

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