Nursery worker claims saying your child is a ‘monkey’ actually means a lot worse

A nursery teacher has revealed the what the popular phrases she tells childrens' parents actually mean.

Chelsey, who looks after the children in their early years at a nursery, lifted the lid on her stress at work on TikTok and shared some of her master word play when she talked to the parents.

In a video posted in August, she plays the parent-teacher scenario and says: "Nursery workers be like 'They've been very vocal today'."

But what Chelsey actually means is that the children "screamed a lot today".

When she says "they have been very active today" to the parents, that apparently implies "they climbed on every piece of furniture".

She also explains if a nursery worker tells the parent that their child "have been a bit of a monkey today", the true meaning is: "They didn't listen to a word I said and did whatever they wanted."

Some of her colleagues couldn't agree more with Chelsey's interpretation and said they had the same problem.

One wrote: "Can't relate to anything more."

A second said the video reflects her "life working with toddlers" while a third exclaimed: "Oh my God the accuracy."

In another video, the teacher showed her frustration when her manager asked her to go take care of the toddlers who are at pre-school.

She said: "Give me my babies back. I can't even do 30 minutes in there.

"It's the 'why' questions I can't do it."

The worker, who is now promoted to a baby room leader, also gave advice to others who are looking to join the education industry.

"If you're ever unsure of anything, ask. If you make a mistake, learn from it and most of all, make sure you enjoy it!" Chelsey said.

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