Olivia, the Canine Star of 'Widows' and 'Game Night', Is Your New Dog Actor Obsession

Maybe it’s the way she looks in Viola Davis‘ arms, or her knowing eyes, or the fact that she is just so darn adorable, but there is something about Olivia that makes her a star.

As with canine talents of the past — Uggie of The Artist fame comes to mind — this West Highland terrier now has her own Oscar campaign.

The Ringer essentially posted an open letter to the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences laying out why this medium-sized pooch deserves one of the coveted golden guys.

“When Veronica finally checks Olivia into a “Deluxe Sit and Stay” the night of the heist, the pup has evolved from extremely soft prop to a necessary supporting acteur,” Alyssa Bereznak writes on The Ringer of Olivia’s part in Steve McQueen’s Widows. “If it weren’t for her lack of opposable thumbs, she could have very well driven the heist van.”

Along with having an important role in Widows, acting alongside the likes of Davis, Brian Tyree Henry and Daniel Kaluuya, the terrier has also had big parts in Game Night and Netflix’s Insatiable series.

Her co-stars have only had glowing commentary for their canine co-star, reports The Ringer, with Davis claiming she loves the dog and Jason Bateman sharing that Olivia is “pretty serious” about her work.

According to AV Club, Olivia is one of the “medium” dog actors currently working under Animal Casting Atlanta, a company that has provided animal actors for Stranger Things, The Hunger Games and more.

Could Animal Casting Atlanta have an Oscar winner in its crew? Perhaps, though the Academy has yet to give out an award to an animal actor. The Cannes Film Festival does offer the Palm Dog Award but, as Indie Wire points out, Olivia has been ineligible for the prize so far, since none of the films she has appeared in have screened at Cannes.

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