Our man shows how to beat winter blues with exercise, Wetherspoons and Greggs

Like most people I vowed to get fit this January.

So what better way to kick off the new year than a brisk jog around my local park. It is, after all, meant to boost your outlook, particularly during the dark, miserable winter months.

Wearing my finest gym gear, I even took my fetching fluorescent arm warmers, skipping rope and hula hoop to get shipshape.

After briefly flexing my muscles on the outdoor gym equipment, I tried out my hula hoop for size.

Despite just fitting over my waist, my embarrassing lack of flexibility meant it wasn’t long before it was on the floor – where it remained.

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I did think about having another go but, with the weather possibly turning for the worse, I decided it was time to head indoors for some feelgood inspiration.

Like nearly all hard-working Brits I enjoy a little tipple as much as the next man.

So, after nearly breaking a sweat, I headed to my local pub for a swift half or two to banish the January blues.

Luckily the nearest JD Wetherspoon was just a stone’s throw away, and with a pint costing as little as £1.69 it didn’t set me back too much either.

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As I settled down to enjoy your favourite Daily Star and a glorious pint of Ruddles County ale, any notion of depression quickly evaporated.

Sadly, like most of us, I couldn’t spend all day at the pub, so after emptying my glass I headed off for my next upbeat adventure.

And looking forward to the stag and hen season I decided to embrace my love of fancy dress to really get the fun going.

Racking my brains, and a shop’s shelves, I finally settled on a Superman outfit.

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It even went with my newfound body, despite being a little snug.

It’s fair to say that strutting my stuff and pulling my best poses on the street attracted some questionable looks. But it did raise a smile. And when I explained my mission to bring joy this month, people seemed as happy to see me as I had been in the boozer.

Striking a pose is hungry work and I soon found my stomach rumbling relentlessly.

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Luckily my favourite baker was just in sight, and with its new vegan range I decided one treat was just enough to boost my mood further. Any memories of Blue Monday were well and truly gone as I tucked into a Greggs sausage roll.

So for anyone feeling down next week, just remember to follow my simple steps and you’ll have the spring back in your step in no time.

Exercise, pub fun, a bit of silliness and plenty of smiles. It all adds up to a happy January.

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